Finance management
Income: Define different sources of income and their percentage of contribution to your overall revenue in order to create different tactics for each one of them 
Expense: File – Approval – Reimburse – Analysis technique to manage the organization overall expense in order to save guard your budget and headache of overall balance

Membership: Easy powerful management software fully automated the application process to control personal data and history. It can also help member to participate all events designated by the organization by themselves while payment is also at the most convenience for all
Events: Manually manage by the organization base on a standard format and exposed online for all interest, registration and payment
Storage and access: Fully linked with the administration software to give members with access to all information, news and updates, gallery, abstract and papers created by the organization day by day.
Announcement & printing: This online tool allows member and administrators to “by your self” printing of all required documents such as event’s announcement, certificates and others offered for different event and activities by the organization.  

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