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DESTINATION - Vietnam Timeless Charm

Located in the central of South East Asia, closed to China, Lao and Cambodia with a long coastal line of nearly 2000km and a lot of beautiful beaches and islands; Vietnam is becoming an ideal destination for travel, incentive and congresses for its friendly people, hospitality and a lot natural attractions (Ha Long Bay), the most oldest capital (HoaLu) and historical heritages the ancient city of Hoi An, and much more....
Vietnam is a nation that perhaps can only be explained by stories. And surrounded by the limestone karsts of Halong Bay, or the improbable splendor of the Hanoi Opera House or the hospitable reflections of a Buddhist monk in Hue, it’s easy to understand why.
The landmarks, history and people of this country are so utterly unique as to render the usual reference points redundant. Timeless food, religion and courtesy are the order of the day here. Yet the symbols of colonial culture remain, cooperated and repurposed in a typically efficient manner.
Vietnam Overview
Vietnam is an utter assault on the senses; it is at once dizzying, frenetic and fascinating. Yet it is lovable. The Vietnamese are friendly and endlessly generous, and traveling the country is nothing but a delight. The cities of Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City are both chaotic and captivating: the capital Hanoi is the focus for arts in Vietnam and has been since its foundation in the year 1010, while Ho Chi Minh, still referred to as Saigon, is the business hub, but no less interesting. The imperial city of Hue offers a well-preserved insight in to Vietnam's proud past.
Bustling street life
Life in urban Vietnam is conducted on the streets. In bia hois (pavement pubs) men sup ice-cold beer and nibble on boiled quails eggs. Odors from makeshift food stalls fill the nostrils: see steaming pho, a noodle soup with various unidentifiable chunks of meat, or grilled chicken feet. Along nearly all the moped-clogged streets produce is sold. Tubs wriggle with live sturgeon, crabs and frogs (still a delicacy from French colonial days), baskets are top heavy with colorful and bizarre fruit, and every possible piece of a pig is on sale.
Traditional country ways
Rural Vietnam is entirely different. Just a short distance from the cities, water buffalo wallow in green rice paddies and elegant women wearing traditional conical headwear cycle along dusty paths. Vietnam's remarkable geography, from the lush Mekong Delta in the south to the remote Sapa valleys in the north, demonstrates a traditional way of life.
“To get inside this wonderful country, its past and its future, you need to see it through the eyes of the local proud Vietnamese.
Whether it be the chef leading a cooking class or a monk talking about Buddhism, or even a former KOTO student proud of the opportunity he or she has been given. Through any of these people you will feel a sense of pride as they talk about their country and their people. And that is the real insight."

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